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Your most Powerful Tool? Speaking Your Truth

This week you’re gonna delve into the summer of your cycle – your ovulation phase. Think summer in your body – more energy, more confidence, higher sex drive and ability to speak your truth with compassion.

Let’s deep dive into the gifts of this phase. And take a look at the medicine that you can use during ovulation to help heal the rest of the cycle.


Moon Phase: Full Moon

Season: Summer

Element: Water

Archetype: Mother

Qualities: Rebirth, renew, fresh start, cleansed, energised

Affirmations: I feel creative, I feel outward and expressive, I can hold space for others

Goddess: Gaia or Mary Magdalene

For those with regular cycles of 28 days, actual ovulation tends to happen around day 14. Some women can actually feel the egg release from the ovary. There can be a tenderness or pain in the ovaries, in the lower back at this time. I have noticed this more as I get older. My ovaries hurt a bit for about half a day or so. I get a dull ache in my lower back.

During ovulation your body releases an egg from its follicle in your ovary. It survives for around 12-24 hours in your fallopian tube and womb. This is the fertile time of your cycle.


Think high summer in your body. Oestrogen and testosterone are at their peak. You might feel your most confident right now. Your sex drive reaches its highest level. It’s easier to express yourself.

Make use of the increased sex drive and the ability to speak your desires that comes during ovulation and ask for what you really want in terms of intimacy. Get real with yourself and your partner.

You can also use this power of being able to speak your truth and express yourself to get a raise at work or ask for what you really want professionally.

This is a great time for job interviews, networking, public speaking, asking someone out on a date!

During the next five days, schedule in plenty of time with friends and a special date night or two.

Make use of the high levels of testosterone and get out there in terms of exercise - push yourself with fun activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, hill climbing and an exercise class you’ve never tried before. Your mind wants to be challenged too!

Medicine for this phase of your cycle:


Recognise your link with the earth

Make time to create every day

Spend as much time outside as possible

Get outside at night - soak up the magical energy


Nurture yourself and others


Nourish yourself and your family with good food.

Wear jewellery and anoint yourself with essentials oils or perfume

Whenever possible bare your breasts to the sun

Eat cruciferous veg, like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower to flush out excess estrogen

Explore your sexuality

Choose magnesium rich foods such as spinach and dark chocolate


Luxuriate in your sex drive which may be connected to a deep sense of love

Have the difficult conversation you’ve been putting off


Offer support and help where you can

Encourage those around you

Reach out to friends and family

Consider the birthdays and anniversaries coming up in the month ahead - now’s a good time to purchase/make presents and cards

Give yourself to others in a sustainable way

Try a group exercise class


Nurture your home

Grow something


My ovulation pain is now becoming more painful than my actual periods. Didn’t even have it till my 30s and it’s worse since my son came along. Sometimes it brings me to tears. It’s for a day (sometimes just a few hours) but is so intense. Becky

The pain is crippling. I feel like a hen laying a double yoker. Helen

I hadn't realised it was a thing, and then last month, terrible stabbing pain in left ovary. I've not experienced it before, only since giving birth - weird. Hannah


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