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Medicine for Your Cycle - Spring/Follicular

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We have approximately 450 menstrual cycles in our lifetime. That’s around 10 years of our life or 3500 days spent menstruating! So it would be good if we could learn to love our bleed or at least make peace with it, right? Many of us experience extreme pain, moodiness and exhaustion during our period. And they are seen as messy, uncomfortable and inconvenient in our culture. Through years of working with my cycle (using awareness, self-care, herbs and yoga) I’ve gone from tear-filled days of flooding and migraines to loving my bleed. If you’re in pain, I’d like to help you turn it around too. Because one week (or more) a month of suffering is not ok.

Let’s create a new story together. I believe that our cycle contains the secret to female empowerment.


There are many levels to menstrual awareness. We’re gonna lay the menstrual cycle over the lunar cycle. This gives a bit more depth to what each phase means and how it affects us. It allows a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of our bodies. Think full moon ovulation and dark moon bleeding. Not all of us cycle like this but in traditional societies (away from technology and electric light) the dark moon was the time for bleeding. It’s super exciting!

If your body is in sync with the moon and you bleed at the new moon you will have just finished your period and are coming into the spring of your cycle now. The first quarter moon (tomorrow at 4:29am), brings the follicular phase of the cycle, the phase directly after menstruation.


PHASE TWO Follicular (just after menstruation)

Days 7-13

Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon

Season: Spring

Element: Fire

Archetype: Wild Maiden

Qualities: Rebirth, renew, fresh start, cleansed, energised

Affirmations: I am strong, I am productive, I am able to take on challenges

Goddess: Aphrodite

This is the phase directly after menstruation. You’ve finished bleeding and your body releases a hormone known as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Released from your pituitary gland, this hormone causes follicles in your ovaries to mature.

Both estrogen and testosterone are on the rise. They’re responsible for boosting energy, and can give you a mood lift and help increase brain function too. Some women repot feeling more assertive and more willing to take risks.

This is the spring of your cycle. You probably feel more stimulated, more engaged with the outside world. You might be spilling over with energy and long for lots of social connection.

Raised testosterone levels stimulate your libido, perhaps leaving you feeling more excitable. Estrogen makes you feel more extroverted and can suppress your appetite. Now is the time to initiate new projects, make decisions, plan social engagements, speak in public, at meetings or conferences and meet new people. You’re probably feeling a little productivity-ninja so go ahead and plan and organise your month now.

You might feel more inclined to choose strenuous exercise - go for the burn with spin classes, weights, sprinting and gym workouts.

Make use of the increased sex drive - play with the youthful energy you get at this time. Have fun!

Patience also rises now so relating becomes easier – the she-devil has left the building (more on this in weeks to come! Spoiler: I don’t think she-devil; I believe truth-speaker.)

Spring marks a reemerging after hibernating from the world. You’re ready to shine – go forth baby!

Medicine for this phase of your cycle

If we apply these healing practices to each phase of our cycle, we can begin to bring everything into harmony. Watch out for the next installments over the following weeks.


Express your creativity through your clothing and jewelry

Take pleasure in your body

Try a new sport


Experiment with pleasure and sensuality

Eat foods high in vitamin E like sweet potatoes and leafy greens

Choose protein rich meals for estrogen support.

Try out a new look


Allow your inner flirt to enjoy herself

Stimulate your mind with cultural activities

Expand your world view - go somewhere new, meet new people

Champion a cause close to your heart


Start new projects

Try out new ideas

Catch up on work

Problem solve!


Organise events

Get active in your community

Look at your finances, home, family, relationships - see where improvements can be made


Create structure in your life

Prioritize your goals and tasks

Create shape around the dreams you had during your bleed.


Other women's experiences

“I love my cycle, all the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs; it makes me feel alive and a deep knowing that I belong in this cyclical world. Reading "Moontime" by Lucy H. Pearce and “WildPower" by A. Pope & S. Hugo Wurlitzer has changed the way I experience my cycle and shed so much light on my whole being." Nan

“My whole cycle can be incredibly painful and my moods and emotions are up and down all month. My pain has never followed a pattern so that’s challenging. One minute I’m fine and the next I’m in agony.” Victoria

"I love the immediate lift in mood after menstruation!" Natalie

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