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Happy Autumn

Today, me and my eldest two daughters all started our bleed on the same day. At full moon?! My eldest is away at uni but coming home tonight so we’ll all be in our moontime space together, eating nourishing soups and dark chocolate, listening to soulful tunes, catching up and (I hope) all taking a little bit extra care of ourselves.

As we head into the darker half of the year our bodies need a bit more TLC to avoid common illnesses. I wanted to share with you a recipe to make a sumptuous body oil with essential oils, which can help prevent colds and sore throats and help you stay in balance throughout your cycle.

I love the Ayurvedic approach to our bleed. It’s a time for cleansing and deep self care. Self massage with warm oil is recommended throughout your cycle to help balance hormones and stay connected. Massaging your body every morning (and night if possible) will help you feel more in touch with yourself and with your changing hormonal system throughout your cycle. It’s a great additional layer to cycle awareness. If you don’t have my free tracking chart, you can download it here to get started on a journey of discovery – or swadhyaya as they say in yogic traditions. The study of the self.


What you Need

50ml bottle

50ml sweet almond oil

5 drops of essential oil – choose form the list below to make up an Arian blend (we just had an Aries Full Moon – can you feel it?!), or combine two favourites - lavender and rose, for example. Or bergamot and sweet orange.

Place all ingredients into your bottle, give it a good shake and apply to warm skin.

I like to warm the oil before applying by placing in a bowl or cup of hot water for a few minutes first.

If you suffer from tender breasts around your period – this can be a wonderful way of easing the discomfort. Massage this oil into your breasts daily to support your lymphatic system. Start in the week leading up to your period and until the discomfort subsides.


Strong fragrances suit Aries’ powerful and dynamic personality with their super fiery Mars influence. Frankincense, peppermint and marjoram all help to soothe and balance the fire. Lavender can help to protect against stress headaches

(Aries have a passionate nature and can be prone to stress and headaches).

Frankincense essential oil smells divine and rich. It goes well with: sandalwood, vetivert and basil oils. Whilst it uplifts, Frankincense essential oil is also soothing, aiding meditation and relaxation.

Peppermint essential oil blends well with: rosemary, lavender, marjoram and citrus oils. It is both cooling and refreshing. It can help you to breathe more easily and is good for colds.

Marjoram essential oil helps when the temperature drops as it has a warm, woody-spicy scent and blends well with: lavender, bergamot, chamomile & rosemary. It both eases nervous tension and helps soothes the joints.

Lavender essential oil is one of my favourite scents. It mixes well with: geranium, rose, chamomile & palmarosa. It’s well known for its relaxing and soothing effects, soothe bumps and brusies and aids restful sleep. Put a few drops on your pillow or rub a few drops into the soles of your feet before bed. You can also use neat as a perfume or to clean work surfaces. We get through a lot of lavender oil in our house!

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