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Entering the No Bullshit Zone!

Why using the week before your bleed to heal and chill out is essential for overall wellbeing

For many women, the first two days of the luteal phase are pretty much business as usual. Although you’re entering the autumn of your cycle, it still feels like the long hot days of summer and all is well. When your hormone levels drop, particularly estrogen and testosterone, your body starts producing progesterone in response. This is an anti-anxiety hormone so you may find yourself starting to chill out, wind down, be less ‘out there’. Your body is producing its own form of valium for you to chill out on.It’s a good time to make to do lists and tick off niggly things, to nest and prepare your resting space for your bleeding time.

I personally find the transition from summer to autumn hard. I can get frustrated and agitated at this time and if not kept in check with plenty of alone time and space I can feel volatile and explosive.

Many of us struggle in the second half of the luteal phase. This is often referred to as the “No Bullshit Phase”. We won’t take any crap. We tell it like it is with no filter. Our family members might feel the force of our frustration.

PMS can cause craving for carb-heavy foods. Bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, anxiety and moodiness can all be added into the mix too. What a heady cocktail!

Self-care is super important here.

Honour your need for rest and renewal here and during menstruation and you’ll get more out of your active phases of the cycle.

It’s thought that the seasons have an impact on this phase of the cycle - that darker, shorter days can increase the likelihood of PMT, due to the decreased availability of vitamin D from sunlight. A solution to this is to spend two hours outside every day, especially during the winter months to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D.

Medicine for this phase of your cycle:


Spend more time alone

Enjoy your sensuality

Use divination tools

Dive into the darkness - embrace all aspects of yourself


Find a good yoga class or other mind/body exercise session.


Use the no bullshit radar to cut away what no longer serves you


Now’s a perfect time to get a massage.

Try acupuncture

Take magnesium supplements

Take Epsom salts baths

Eat grounding foods like root veg and soups and stews.

Try organic berries and a hi energy trail mix to curb carb and sugar cravings

Indulge in orgasm as much as possible


Seek support of your community.

Find or create a women’s circle

Allow yourself to withdraw from social events if necc.


Get more rest

Find an outlet for your creativity

Decide what to change in your life

Declutter and clear out the house - get rid of unwanted items


I have mood swings and feel like I have a flu bug the days running up to my period and acne. At 34, I'm only just starting to actually educate myself about how to fix all this through diet instead of just getting pills from the doctor. Helen

I hate having PMT but then the release is so great when my bleed finally comes down! I look forward to coming on, as weird as that might sound! Anna

My cycle is unpredictable (I never know when my period’s coming), so that’s frustrating. I can’t use a cup since having my daughter, which resulted in slight prolapse. Rachel

I always cry the day before my cycle starts, that’s how I know it’s coming. I think I have the worst luck when it comes to my periods. they can last from 5 days (rarely) to 2-3 months! Super unpredictable (especially my mood). They’re very painful and I always get big clots. It’s very expensive having to keep on top of it and it just makes me feel useless. I used to see a gynecologist and had a few scans but they can’t seem to find anything that could be causing it. Recently, I’ve started meditating, grounding and centering, which has made a HUUUGE difference!! I don’t get pain so much anymore. I actually have a cycle now that lasts for 4-5 days! and I feel happier, healthier and stronger because of it! Bethan

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