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Bleed like a boss! Run a business by your moon cycle

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Lorna had a big client meeting, which she was already nervous about. Then she realised it was scheduled two days before her period was due. The big day came and she’d slept little the night before. She felt freaked out, unprepared and her awareness, rather than being sharp and focused, was diffuse and dreamy. When it came to the crunch point, the nailing down of the sale, her mind went to jelly, she forgot everything she wanted to say and a wave of exhaustion came over her. Ever been in Lorna’s position? I have!

Luckily for her, the meeting was rescheduled, as her client wanted more information. This time, she’d learnt from previous experience and organised it to fall just before she ovulated. The day rolled round. She wore a bright dress and arrived 15 minutes early. She had a great chat with her client before the meeting started and felt excited and at ease. Running through her presentation was fun, and she fielded questions with grace and humour. By the end, her client was ready to sign, and they were both looking forward to collaborating.

Our menstrual cycle has a dramatic impact on our capabilities. If we harness the power of the cycle we can choose when to schedule meetings, when to get admin done, the best times to start something new. It’s exciting knowledge!

Lets take a look at each phase and the ideal way to work within each.


During your period, the focus will be inward and energy levels lower. Take a load off and cut yourself some slack. Catch up on admin and repetative tasks that don’t require too much head space or creativity. Try to avoid big decisions and heavy physical work. Ideally this lessening of the load would start two days before your bleed and last for three days of it.

Your ability to dream and vision is enhanced, in fact the membrane between the left and right brain is thinner so you may feel more intuitive and reflective. Use this time to dream the next steps for your business or career.


As your bleed ends, so your energy, probably, starts to rise. You might feel powerful, inspired to take action, supercharged. It's a good time for new projects, collaborating with others. Catch up on anything missed during your period. Plan your month ahead. Carve out a couple of hours for a good spring clean of systems, ideas, physical stuff. You might find you have less emotional attachment than usual, as well as heaps of energy.


It’s time to launch, to communicate your ideas to the world, to give birth to a new project. Energy is still high and you may find you’ve more confidence and higher self-esteem as your hormones levels rise.

Take care here not to take on too much – I’m often guilty of this! If you do decide to be the heroine and go above and beyond, at a cost to yourself, you’ll find it impacts other areas of your cycle and can lead to depletion and burn out. Protect your energy.


Slow down here and begin to delegate or postpone that which is not essential. Some things to bear in mind – don’t plan conferences or events for this phase. Avoid long distance travel and don’t put yourself in a position of having to be ‘on’.

Watch out for a tendency to fight fire with fire. Journal your feelings before acting, so that you come from a cooler, calmer place. Avoid situations which make you feel emotional. Switch off news for a while if you can. Use your time for admin and simpler tasks that do not require fine motor skills. Get more sleep and schedule in pockets of rest every day.

How do you use your cycle to your advantage at work. Share your insights below x

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