Hey there, delicious!

So good to see you here. Come on in and find out how you can use

the magic of your cycle to create your dream life.

Your womb is the seat of your wisdom and power. Tapping into this will bring

more abundance, juiciness, joy, self-compassion, love and connection. Huzzah!

For too long we've been told that periods are messy, inconvenient, uncomfortable.

What if actually they are magic, the source of your power?

I'm here to help you reclaim your awesomeness.

Let's create a new story together.


Books and Courses

Create Your Dream Life


Online Course

Help ease PMS, increase fertility, ease pain and regulate irregular cycles. Effective for women in all stages of life.



Digital bundle

Discover the magic and power of your menstrual cycle. Deepen your awareness, feel more connected and more in control.



Guide and playbook

Get a welcome pause, a chance to reflect on all you've achieved and set goals for the month ahead.



Online Community and Course

Create more abundance, harness more energy and understand yourself better on this year long deep dive journey


How Can I Help You?

Melissa Corkhill is an entrepreneur, life coach, yoga teacher and priestess who is focussed on

helping women manifest abundance and reclaim their power. 


Working with women who feel disconnected from their periods, she can help you find juice and joy in your cycle.

Melissa has studied with Jewels Wingfield and Alexandra Pope and charted her cycle for over ten years. She's transformed from having painful periods and cyclical migraines

into actual excitable joy at the first sign of blood every month!

Melissa can give you one-on-one support to help you love your cycle.

You'll realise greater levels of power and connection. She can help you feel as though

you're back in the driver's seat, on the way to your dream destination!

Book a call here to get started.

Happy Hiking

"The key to unlocking the magic, mystery and power of your menstrual cycle

lies in your relationship to it."

Alexandra Pope, author of Wild Power


Coming back for more!

So much useful information packed into each easy-to-follow module.

I learned what I sought out to and more. Melissa is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I will be returning for more courses in the future.  Haeley

Improved my health

I absolutely loved taking this course and it came at an amazing time while I'm stuck home with an illness. I'm hoping all I learned in my course will help to improve my health as well as helping others.  


In the direction of my dreams

This course helped better me as a person and push me forward in the direction I wish to take my life. It offers adequate time to complete, and engaging set up to keep your attention.


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